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A New Approach To Homework Tutoring

Is your child bright but unmotivated? Or their grades suffer because they are disorganized and do not seem to have the study skills needed to do well on tests? Has homework become a nightly battleground? If so, we have a Homework Coach for you!  A screened, specially trained homework tutor whose role is not just to help with individual subjects but to help manage your student's overall success in school or college.  Our program is especially effective for students diagnosed with ADHD or Executive Function disorder.

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Trained Coaches Come To Your Home

Our homework tutor comes to your home one or more times a week to supervise your student as he or she completes homework and prepares for tests. The coach will keep your child organized and on-task and will teach the study skills needed for your student to succeed independently.  This works especially well for ADHD children who need consistent supervision and encouragement. Our coaches are typically young and fun, so that your student will soon be looking forward to their arrival.

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Cost-Effective With Guaranteed Results

Our fees are less than the hourly rate of most tutoring centers or independent tutors and certainly less than practitioners who specliaize in ADHD or Executive Dysfunction. And we make it very easy to try us and disconnect if you are not seeing the results you want.  You may cancel after the first session and owe nothing.  Or work with the coach for a few sessions and stop at any time.  We never lock you into a long-term contract.  We handpick your coach, based on what you tell us about your student, and will keep working with you until we get the right fit.   

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