Homework Coach

Homework Helper for College Students

HomeworkCoach goes to College

"You'll still be able to help Julie in college, right?" a longtime client with an ADHD daughter asked.  Absolutely. The mission -- and the need -- remain the same: to help your student navigate successfully through college.  Our homework coaches will meet their  students on campus, helping them manage upcoming assignments, identify and schedule on-campus resources (such as a TA's office hours) and generally stay on top of classwork.

  • We will typically recruit a young academic coach who knows their way around your student's campus

  • The coaches will report into you regularly via email or on the coach blog we will set up for each client.

  • Our fee structure and processes are identical to our in-home service

Why would my Child need Help in College? 

If your student has benefited from your careful supervision during high school, they may have come to rely on your organizational skills. Now they are off to college, where no-one is getting them up in the morning or making sure they have their books with them.  It's unfortunately true that ADHD kids may be a little more immature or impulsive than their peers.  It is too easy for them to become overwhelmed or "lose the plot" -- that they are in college to study as well as have fun!  Our homework coach can act as the wise older friend who will keep your student on track and hold them accountable for keeping up with their coursework.