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"Her teachers were astounded by the turnaround"

Shay Keegan of Smyrna, GA, turned to a homework coach when her daughter Shannon's grades started slipping andKeegans with Arlette Shannon began to doubt her ability to keep up with her colleagues at her private school.  Our coach Arlette Fernandez (pictured right with Shannon and her mom) quickly restored Shannon's self-confidence. "My daughter's grades went back to A's and B's in two weeks," she says. "Her teachers were astounded by the turnaround. Arlette has become the touchstone that she needs to know she can succeed. Arlette is encouraging and patient and knows how to get Shannon back on track."

"I could not have asked for better results"

"Dear all, I want to thank you for selecting Bryan Evans (pictured left) to tutor my son, Lawrence. Bryan was encouraging Bryan Eand insightful. He quickly came up with a plan to get Lawrence focused and on track. He involved me as well as Lawrence's sister in encouraging Lawrence and holding him accountable. Bryan was always prompt and professional -- which was not lost on Lawrence. Lawrence began setting his own alarm clock and managing his time, and organizing himself. I could not have asked for better results.

 Is Lawrence a straight A student? Not quite but he has his own tools to get himself there, and the homework battles are gone. My son is so much more confident and has learned lifeskills to accomplish what he needs in life. With that said, Bryan has done his job so well that Lawrence does not need him anymore.  And being a single Mom, this exchange was worth every penny and did not cripple me with a contract and driving all over to get the help we needed. Thank you so much for being so affordable.* It was the best fit for us and I would recommend this for anyone who wants to equip their child with the life lessons that Bryan brought to our home."

 --Susan S., Roswell, GA (*This service was provided as part of In-Home Tutors of Atlanta, our flagship company where we have developed the HomeworkCoach method)

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